Feminini Tea

Feminini Tea


There is so much happening in a woman's body... The menstrual cycle is a wonderful and mysterious process. While it can be uncomfortable, it is something to be honored and celebrated. Making space during the most intense time of the cycle to reflect and nurture one's self can be key to having a positive experience. This self love is an important aspect of fully embracing our femininity.

We can learn from the Indigenous People's tradition of the "Moon Lodge" where the women who were bleeding would gather in sacred space to nurture themselves with their art and craft while reflecting and meditating. The rest of the community honored the menstruating woman by bringing her nourishing foods, medicines and anything else she might need during her time in the lodge.

For some women, the time when the menstrual cycle shifts to not bleeding monthly can be a challenge with various symptoms. Feminini Tea can also help during this time of change.

Feminini Tea is a blend of herbs that have been traditionally used to balance the hormones, tone the uterus, reduce cramping and replenish iron.

Feminini Tea contains Shatavari, Vitex, Nettles, Licorice Root, Lemon Balm, Raspberry Leaf and Cramp Bark.

Let us celebrate being a woman!

Contraindication... Not to be used if you think you might be pregnant, not recommended if you have high blood pressure.

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