Bone and Joint

Bone and Joint


Have you ever wondered how to strengthen your bones and maintain healthy joints as you age?

There are traditional herbs that are high in the minerals that your bones and joints need. We have put many of these herbs in our Bone and Joint Tea.

The joints in our bodies need to move freely to be comfortable and fluid. As the years go by, calcium deposits can build up in them. This over calcification as well as a lack of lubrication are what cause the inflammation in the 'squeaky, rusty hinge' that our joints can become.

Horsetail is an amazing herb that is high in silica. Silica helps to prevent over calcification of the joints while nourishing them.

In addition to high mineral herbs, our Bone and Joint Tea contains a blood cleanser and an anti-inflammatory to cleanse and soothe.

Bone and Joint Tea contains Oatstraw, Parsley, Dandelion Leaf, Horsetail, Red Clover and Meadowsweet.

Mineralize in a gentle way for long-term structural health!

Try it as a base for your smoothies!

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