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"Infuse your life with life giving infusions."



Only organic ingredients are used and the packaging is simple and plastic-free.

You can be sure that each Urb creation is fresh because we order our ingredients in small quantities. Nothing sits on the shelf for very long.

Our suppliers are working directly with farmers and indigenous people to ensure fair trading and working practices. 


 Rainbow Lattes

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Diversify your diet

 A popular term to describe nutrient dense and exotic foods is 'superfoods'.  We prefer to use 'diverse foods'. By eating them, you are diversifying your diet, supporting indigenous and local people and giving yourself alternatives in case of food intolerance. 

Supplement Powders

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Health Drink Specialists

 Urb was created out of a concern for people's health and well-being. In a world with so many choices and contrast, we wanted to offer a product that was simple and authentic.  

All the recipes are prepared in a balanced and loving space. We love where we are and what we do...may this shine through all the way to your cup.